Branding for Afroentrepreneurs

Branding for Afroentrepreneurs

What is branding? Do afrontrepreneurs have to face this subject differently? Take this 4 hour workshop and learn how to discover your brand's purpose, how it's gonna change your enviroment and make progress for afrobusinesses, including your own.

23/11/2021 - 24/11/2021

R$ 200,00
R$ 100,00
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This is a 4 hour Workshop that will invite you to get to know a little bit more about branding and brand construction for afroentrepreneurs. 

In the first 2 hours we're gonna discuss what is branding and the basic elements to build a brand. 

The last 2 hours of the workshop are gonna be used to understand what are the challanges that afroentrepreneurs face while bulding their brands: as an entrepreneur, are you bulding a niched brand? How does your history as a black person influences your creation and creativity? What positives do you take from it? Your job is to apply the knowledges to your own business.


1) What is brand

  • The why, the purpose
  • Elements of a brand
  • The brand persona

2) Be bold in a a flat world

  • My brand x me
  • Look inside while you look outside
  • How to benchmark in your favor
  • What problems is my brand solving?

3) Content is king

  • What is storytelling
  • The longtail world: how to do keyword research
  • The content map

4) The future is afro

  • What is it to be afro centered?
  • What is an afro brand?
  • Is your brand niched?
  • Great afro brands and how they communicate?

Esse evento pode ser realizado em Inglês.

  23/11/2021 - 24/11/2021 | 19:00

 Aulas disponíveis após o curso

  Duração: 4:00

  Capacidade de até 30 pessoas

  Condições de Cancelamento: Gratuito - reembolso integral

Quem faz

Adriana Melo is a copywriter and marketing professional since 2008. With a career built on writing, proofreading and marketing strategies, is a speciallist in Fashion Design and graduated in Advertising and Communication. Also, visual arts are part of her studies as well as digital marketing strategies (MBA).

The professional has worked in several agencies as a planner and copywriter for brazilian brands and government institutions and in inbound agency as content coordinator. She's currently as CMO of Diaspora.Black.